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Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm EST
a year of american taxpayer money, going to them. we talk about tax policy, we talk energy policy, but i want to focus this evening on these two issues. labor and education. leaving aseed the research issue, which is fundamental to future economic growth because you have to be ahead and that's where the research comes and the infrastructure, which i'll weave into this but i want to focus on labor and education. and i want to focus on a very important part of this equation. this very important part about the middle class. and those who want to be in the middle class. specifically, i want to talk about women. and i want to talk about a women's economic agenda. about why this is critically important. not just to women and their children and the families, but also to america. and to america's future. . we know that the american family has changed. we know that over the years more and more families are raised by a single parent. and in most cases that's a single mother. and so a women's economic agenda is critical for those children. it's also visitcal for the american economy. -- critical fo
Feb 26, 2014 7:00pm EST
to leadership and for ample he wants to get fred upton, chairman of the energy and commerce committee, it would be unlikely that someone who benefits from being able to control a powerful committee would ever sign a discharge petition. >> your headline in "the hill" is reflective of the tone, perhaps, democrats seek to force society on the minimum wage. does that mean there are no republicans who indicated any support for it? >> there are republicans that indicated support but they in their press conference, they predict if there was a vote it would pass just because, you know, this polls very well. 71% in the polls they were citing support raising the minimum wage. there was a gallup poll in november. if the bill came to the floor there just would be a lot of public pressure to pass this and score a big win for democrats ahead of the election. if it doesn't go through, i think that they're going to to make it a campaign issue. harry reid planned to delay working on this until march. ? there had been talked about bring -- talk about bringing it quickly. he was asked about this, he blamed it on
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2